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EBM Geoscience Inc.

EBM Geoscience Inc. offers professional services in environmental consulting, specific to the assessment, remediation, and risk management of contaminated sites. Our purpose is to support the oil and gas industry through innovation and systematic improvement to create ecological, financial, and social outcomes for all stakeholders. Our clients include oil and gas companies, engineering firms, and other environmental consulting firms that require our specific services.

Although EBM is a relatively new company, our principals and personnel have decades of experience in the oil and gas industry. We formed our company with the desire to do things differently, that is,

  • to have the technical competencies of a large engineering firm without the bureaucracy,
  • to retain the flexibility and practicality of a smaller firm that knows the ins and outs of the industry,
  • to serve and support the oil and gas industry while remaining diligent in protecting the environment.

EBM stands for Evidence Based Management, an approach we apply to our company and our client’s projects. Our focus is to aggressively reduce the environmental liability of a contaminated site while retaining the required level of environmental protection. We achieve this by pragmatically applying the full suite of risk assessment and risk management tools combined with our extensive industry knowledge. We use sound decision-making to navigate the site assessment process to avoid unnecessary work and expensive remediation costs while achieving regulatory closure.

Our Team

EBM was founded by Rob Wiedemann and Steve Vogt in 2020, with a small but growing team of highly respected risk assessment and site assessment professionals.

We utilize a remote workforce that has the flexibility to work from home or afar. To best serve our clients, we retain a central office location in the beltline of Calgary, Alberta.

We share office space we a like-minded (and similarly named) geophysics company, AKS Geoscience, that also serves the oil and gas industry in the environmental field. If you or your company would like to share office space and collaborate on environmental projects, feel free to reach out. There may be a spot here for you as well.

Rob Wiedemann

MEnvSc, MBA, PAg, PGeo

As an environmental professional with over 25 years of experience, Rob is a Principal and the Senior Environmental Geoscientist at EBM.

Rob’s primary roles at EBM include senior technical reviewer and QA/QC, the implementation of technical and strategic business initiatives, and the company’s overall management. With his experience in both the technical and business domains, Rob excels at long-term business strategies specific to the environmental industry.

Rob’s technical expertise includes routine and complex contaminated site assessments within the provincial and federal frameworks, site-specific risk assessments, Tier 1 and Tier 2 hydrocarbon and subsoil salinity assessments, remedial action plan (RAP) development, and environmental liability assessments. Rob has worked with various remediation technologies, including bio-treatment, aeration, re-mixing, thermal desorption, and of course, excavation and landfill disposal.

In 2009, Rob obtained his master’s degree from the University of Toronto, specializing in soil contaminant chemistry, site remediation, and environmental risk management. In 2020 Rob received his Executive MBA from the University of Calgary with distinction, focusing on innovation, sound management practices, and the environment.

Steve Vogt

BSc, PAg

Steve has over 15 years of experience in environmental consulting as a field consultant, site supervisor, project and program manager, and now as a Principal and the Senior Project Manager at EBM.

Steve’s primary role at EBM is managing the day-to-day operations in the field and office, ensuring projects are executed efficiently and on budget. His extensive field experience allows him to find practical and cost-effective solutions to complex and everyday problems.

Steve’s technical knowledge extends to the supervision and implementation of field programs, including Phase II soil and groundwater programs, groundwater and surface water monitoring, site remediation and heavy equipment coordination, federal site audits, and soil and vegetation assessments. He has experience in simple and complex sites, implementing large-scale remediation programs, remedial action plans, and risk assessments.

Steve’s specialty is managing contaminated site and risk assessment projects, with diverse knowledge and experience that includes the Subsoil Salinity Tool, Alberta Tier 1 and 2 guidelines, and both the provincial and federal frameworks.

Risk Assessment Specialists for the Oil and Gas Industry