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Environmental Risk Assessment

EBM specializes in environmental risk assessment for the oil and gas industry. We are intimately familiar with the risk-based tools and processes to minimize environmental liability while maintaining the required level of protection. Our value is not just in using these tools but in optimizing them to create the best and most defensible guidelines. Our experience and familiarity with the practical and logistical aspects of contaminated site assessment allow us to seamlessly partner with companies looking to supplement their consulting practice with risk assessment expertise. Our personnel are known and respected by clients and regulators alike, which allows us to collaborate effectively and push the boundaries of our craft.

Prior to conducting a risk assessment, EBM completes a risk assessment evaluation. With our screening process, we can quickly evaluate a site’s potential for risk assessment, the potential cost savings, and how to best navigate the site to closure.

Phase 2 Site Assessments

EBM has a team of site assessment personnel that perform both routine and complex site assessments, soil and groundwater-related. Because we specialize in risk assessment, risk-based decision-making is incorporated into all of our projects. This ensures that we can quickly ascertain the benefits and applicability of a risk-based approach when impacts are encountered. Ultimately, not all sites are contaminated, and of those that are, not all require a risk assessment. However, our experience has proven that risk assessments are not only cost-effective for complex sites but for small and medium-sized impacts as well.


EBM has extensive experience in site remediation and heavy equipment supervision. We execute remediation programs for our clients and develop remediation programs for our partners. If required, we can also serve in a consulting role for complex excavations that apply various risk-based guidelines.


EBM has experience partnering with other consulting firms that require our risk assessment expertise. Likewise, EBM has a network of specialists in hydrogeology, aquatic biology, geochemistry, statistics, and geophysics. With this network, we offer a full array of site and risk assessment services to the oil and gas industry.

Risk Assessment Specialists for the Oil and Gas Industry